Performers on Draper

Performers on Draper

"When I first discovered Ruth Draper's recordings, suddenly I had a standard. I had something to aspire to. I was thrilled at the perfection of these monologues and the richness and the humanity of them."
-- Lily Tomlin

"I was in awe of Ruth Draper. Each of her characters was like a Rembrandt on stage - a total human being, a total portrait."
-- Uta Hagen

"Ruth Draper makes movies for the ears."
-- Tom Waits

"I have always felt that Ruth Draper was (with Martha Graham) the greatest individual performer that America has ever given us."
-- John Gielgud

"Each of Ruth Draper's monodramas presents a dazzling mosaic of a human being. I don't believe there can ever have been an actor who managed to show you so many sides of a character."
-- Simon Callow