Press Clippings

Press Clippings

The New York Times, November 26, 2000
"...a virtuoso of one-person theater." --Studs Terkel

Washington Post, February 21, 2001
"...solo performances so richly characterized, intricately detailed, knowing and hilarious that it seemed hard to believe they could all be the work of a single person." --Tim Page

Village Voice, July 11-17, 2001
"...the most important non-musical disc of the year..." --Michael Feingold
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San Francisco Chronicle, November 19, 2000
"...beautiful, vocally supple performances." --Steven Winn
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LA Weekly, November 3-9, 2000
"These recordings are a gift..." --Steven Leigh Morris
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House & Garden, May 2001
"...designers are obsessed [with Draper]...hysterically funny..." --Dan Shaw

Newark Star-Ledger, December 4, 2000 contemporary audiences can experience Draper..." --Peter Filichia

Houston Chronicle, October 30, 2000
"She's a revelation." --Everett Evans

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, November 5, 2000
"Her talent is timeless." --Kristin Tillotson

New York Observer, November 20, 2000
"...the greatest of all monologists, the immortal Ruth Draper." --Michael M. Thomas

Baltimore Sun, December 18, 2000
"For connoisseurs of spoken-word recordings, you can't do better..." --J. Wynn Rousack

Philadelphia Inquirer, December 10, 2000
"...a series of flavorful, often funny 'monodramas'..." --Clifford A. Ridley

Time Out New York, November 2-8, 2000
" almost mythical figure in the solo performance world." --Nikki Weinstein

San Diego Union-Tribune, October 12, 2000
"A gem of a compilation..." --Anne Marie Welsh

St. Petersburg Times, October 22, 2000
"...prized by sophisticated theatergoers." --John Fleming
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MetroSource, April-May 2001
"...she embodied the multiple truths that define her characters so richly." --David Nellis